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Портал Python-программистов


The second release candidate for Jython 2.2 is now available for download. Several bugs have been fixed from the first candidate. See the NEWS file in the install for details.
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The second beta for Jython 2.2 is now available for download. Since the previous beta over 30 bugs have been fixed and the last issues involving new-style class integration have been resolved.
This is the final beta on the road to 2.2. Please check it out and let us know of any issues before the final 2.2 release.


TurboGears has been released
-New ````config option to send cookie only over a secure connection. #1375 by James E. Blair.
- ``cherrypy.request`` is now available at the variables sent to every template. #1362 by Christoph Zwerschke.
- SA transaction object is now stored at ``cherrypy.request.sa_transaction`` so it can be accessed from the controllers. Patch at #1359 by Janzert.

Python 2.5.1 (FINAL)

Python 2.5.1 (FINAL) is now available. This is a bugfix release of Python 2.5.

EuroPython 2007

EuroPython 2007 will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania from Monday 9th July to Wednesday 11th July.

Pylons 0.9.5 (Love Edition)

Pylons 0.9.5 (Unicode and I18N Love Edition) has been released.

Announcing Django 0.96

The primary goal for 0.96 was a cleanup and stabilization of the features introduced in 0.95. The release notes cover the few backwards-incompatible changes, but for most people the upgrade process should be simple.
One particular change affects users of MySQL on older servers: If you get an error about Django requiring a newer version of MySQLdb, you'll need to either upgrade MySQLdb to 1.2.1p2 or later, or switch your DATABASE_ENGINE setting to "mysql_old".


At long last a beta of Jython-2.2 is out the door. This release contains all of the major features for a 2.2 release, so it's a significant milestone towards 2.2 proper. It's being released to solicit feedback about any bugs or missing features; if you can, download it and check for issues. Bug reports can be created at whereas more general questions can be asked on the Jython-users mailing list or #jython on